A Universal IQ Test

Water is like oil in that once it’s been used up, there won’t be any more.  It is not a renewable resource, and only about 1% of it is water that we, or our pets, or our livestock, or wildlife, can  actually drink or ingest in any form. Food production itself depends on the water supply, and a chef without water would be a chef without the means to make a meal.

Since this is the case, I think we could measure people’s moral and intellectual IQs by how they treat this legacy of water. By that standard, a great many of the world’s leaders, and their followers too, are practically brain-dead. But there are geniuses, too. Among these are the Sioux of Standing Rock, North Dakota, who are risking their lives to oppose the oil-spilling, water-polluting, totally inessential industry of fracking. We can demonstrate our own high IQs by standing with them and with groups allied with them, such as Veterans for Peace.