Drawings and characters from “The Adventures of Brother Arcadius and Pangur Ban”

2. w sig, prologue 2 v2
Brother Arcadius rescues Pangur Ban….


3. w sig, witch 1
Beatrice the “runaway witch” confronts Father Julian.


5. w sig, Child 1
Keti, the “useless child,” and Pangur Ban.


7. w sig, scholar 1
Master Tullius and Brother Silvanus, the visiting scholar and the librarian….


9. w sig, maiden 1
Lady Aurelia between Count Remba and Count Bogardu.


11. w sig, the head 1
Brother Zossimus studies the vanishing head.


Brother Arcadius uncovers the beautiful poem.


15. w sig, cheek 1 (trimmed mk)
Brother Salix brings broth to a wounded warrior.


17. w sig, George 1
The brothers Brother Atalf and Brother Ziegmunt.


19. w sig, Ingredient 1
Brother Marcus and Keti in the kitchen.


21 w sig, Metz 1new version2
Pangur Ban and the vole.


23. w sig, world 1 - v2
Master Nikko and Pangur Ban regard the roundness of the world.


28. w sig. apology 2 new
Brother Arcadius and Pangur Ban return to the realm of tales.

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