You, you, and you

All right, men, women, children, oldsters, babies, all of you who are related in any way to American Revolutionary leftist firebrand Patrick Henry (I think it was Patrick Henry)—step, hobble, or crawl over to the side right now and get your IDs taken away and your home ownership canceled. And oh yes, get your relocation orders filled, and start packing. What’s that I hear? I’m persecuting kids and babies? Gosh no.  The kids and babies can stay, if they can find somewhere to live. And the kids can take care of the babies….

Wait a minute! I think I just came down with a case of that national disease that strikes from time to time, the “Target ‘Em All” virus. Like during World War I, when German-Americans were under a very dark cloud, and eating sauerkraut and frankfurters was highly unpatriotic. I’ll go lie down and get my head back in order, because my better, smarter self knows very well that targeting groups is always wrong. Always wrong, and there’s nothing funny about it. TGIAW!


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